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07 3206 7911 for diversion through to the Animal Emergency Service, “Hometown”, cnr Lexington and Logan Roads, Underwood QLD 4119.

Welcome to Veterinary Happiness

Meet the Friendly Team

Veterinary Happiness was established in 1998 by Dr Deborah Webb, with a vision to provide the most empathic, caring, kind and clinically excellent service for all patients and their owners.   The building was renovated from being a Doctors Surgery into a modern, well-equipped Veterinary facility. The healthcare team has over 50 years of veterinary experience and 70 years in animal care. Everyone at Veterinary Happiness has an absolute love and compassion for dogs, cats and other furry and feathered critters.

The Clinic is located at 3 Marine St, Redland Bay opposite the shopping precinct and offers a clean, comfortable and welcoming environment for you and your pets, with ample parking, a kiddie's corner and free Wi-Fi in reception.

All our team members are here to help you, visit their profiles.

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Behaviour changes in elderly or ill animals

Ill or ageing animals will sometimes exhibit a number of odd behaviours, so being in tune with your pet's normal behaviour can help clue you in to the first signs that something is off. Animals that are not feeling well will frequently have an overall decrease in energy and interest in their normal activities. Sometimes they will hide or start sleeping in unusual spots. Some will do the opposite and seek out human attention more than they normally do. Many owners describe their sick pets as being more "needy" than usual.             There are also several diseases in dogs and cats that will cause them to drink and urinate more frequently than normal; these animals will sometimes hover near the bathtub or other sources of water. Animals with true neurological problems will sometimes stare off into space, get stuck in corners, pace or walk in circles. Some will exhibit behavioural changes such as increased aggression or barking for no appar

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